Accreditation Consultancy Services

Obtaining the proper accreditation (DEAC, WASC, COE, ABHES, etc.) is critical when establishing a college, university, K12 school or vocational institution. 
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Accreditation Consultancy Services

At Expert Education Consultants (EEC), we offer superior accreditation consultancy services, designed to ensure your college, university, K12 school, or vocational institution attains accreditation smoothly and successfully.

At EEC, we pride ourselves on our team of over 12 experts in the field of accreditation. Each member boasts at least 20 years of experience with various accreditation agencies, including DEAC, WASC, COE, and ABHES among others. Whether it's national, regional, programmatic, or specialized accreditations, our expertise spans across various accreditation types, ensuring that your institution's unique needs are addressed effectively and efficiently.

EEC: Your Trusted Accreditation Consultant

With a depth of experience and broad expertise, our team delivers comprehensive and flexible services tailored to support your institution throughout the entire accreditation process. Our approach entails thorough education on the intricacies of the various accreditation standards, oversight, and management of the preparation process.

At EEC, we hold your hand throughout this journey, ensuring regular consultations and meetings. To further equip you, we provide samples of self-evaluation reports (SER) that your institution can adapt to develop its unique SER.

Our Services

Our commitment to you is to make the accreditation process as smooth and efficient as possible. To this end, we offer a wide array of services that include:

  • Understanding Accreditation Standards: We offer detailed explanations of the accreditation standards you need to meet, simplifying complex regulations to ensure your team is fully aware of what is expected.
  • Preparation of Self-Evaluation Reports (SER): To assist in your preparation, we provide samples of SERs that your team can use to develop your own comprehensive and compliant report.
  • Regular Meetings and Guidance: We are there with you throughout the process, offering expert advice and guidance to ensure your institution is on track to meeting the accreditation standards. We schedule regular meetings to provide ongoing support and to address any queries or concerns you may have.
  • Strategies to Enhance Compliance: We suggest innovative and effective strategies to enhance your compliance with accreditation standards, preparing your institution for the accreditation process, and implementing quality management to ensure a successful outcome.

Flexible and Client-Centric Approach

We understand that every institution's needs are unique, and we are committed to providing a service that is not only comprehensive but also flexible. Our services are offered on a flexible hourly basis, allowing you to control your spending on accreditation consulting services and accommodate any unforeseen circumstances. You can choose to pause the services at any time and then restart at your convenience, ensuring the process works for you at all times.

Trust in Expert Education Consultants as your go-to accreditation consultant to guide you through the complex process of securing your institution's accreditation. We hold your hand throughout the entire journey, offering our expertise and guidance on a regular basis to ensure your institution achieves its accreditation objectives.

For further information or to arrange an initial consultation, please contact us today. We look forward to assisting you in your accreditation journey.

Take advantage of our expertise to make your university vision a success. Book a free consultation now.

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