State Authorization Process

Obtaining the proper licenses and authorizations is critical when establishing a post-secondary private institution.  Every state has different regulations, and getting approval can be complex. To help navigate this complexity, we've built a multi-phased approach that guarantees success.
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Phase 1 - Discovery

During this phase, we collect information from the client to learn more about their goals and objectives. We provide questionnaires designed to help us gather critical information such as program offerings, desired states of authorization, and other relevant items.

1. Initial Meeting

The initial meeting is an opportunity to learn the specific goals and objectives of the project.  During this meeting, we will assess what the client is attempting to achieve and try to understand how we can best assist them.

2. Research the Requirements

After clearly understanding the goals, we begin to research the applicable requirements for each state.  Research also includes regular check-ins to ensure new requirements haven't been found.

Our research is exceptionally comprehensive, and it includes not only reviewing online sources but, where appropriate, contacting the relevant government  entities directly.

Within each state, we also reach out to the state department to get the most up-to-date information, as we've found that websites are often outdated and do not include the most recent rules and regulations.

3. Compile the Findings

Once our research is complete, we compile the information into An easy-to-read report. Our report includes a comparison and feasibility study in addition to the applicable requirements for each state. We also provide a detailed description of our recommendation, including all the findings and conclusions that we have made.

At this point, we give the client time to review our report and do any additional research they may want to do. The ultimate goal is for the client to make an informed decision about which state is best suited for their business.  We are always available during this process should the client need clarification or further information.  Once they have completed their internal feasibility study, we then proceed with the next steps in setting up their business.


Phase 2 - Proposal Stage

As each client's requirements differ, the proposals provided are also unique.  Our proposal outlines the services we can provide and their associated pricing.  We offer a variety of packages, ranging from an all-inclusive package where we do everything for them to more customizable packages that allow the client to select what services they need us to offer, along with those they will do themselves.

1. All-Inclusive

Our all-inclusive package includes the following:

  • Recruiting and hiring faculty and staff,
  • Developing the curriculum,
  • Submitting all applications and paperwork,
  • Communicating with the State Department of Education on their behalf
  • Facilitating the final approval process.

The all-inclusive package is robust and isn't restricted to university activities alone. It also includes business activities like registering a company, obtaining your employer identification number, and even finding and leasing facilities.

With this package, a dedicated team is assigned to your project that works with your staff to ensure the process is smooth and successful. The team includes a lead consultant who is an expert on the state and its rules around accreditation, a project manager, an admin assistant, and most of the time, a recruiter.

Together, they guide throughout the entire process by helping with tasks such as:

  • Developing a timeline with milestone dates,
  • Planning out specific steps needed to reach each milestone,
  • Identifying areas where expertise is required,
  • Assigning tasks and responsibilities to individuals in your organization, and
  • Tracking progress against the timeline.

Once these duties have been fulfilled, the team will work with your organization to ensure that all deliverables are completed on schedule and that any issues or questions can be addressed swiftly.

2 - Customized Solutions

For our more customizable packages, clients can select which services we provide for them and those that they prefer to do themselves.  We consider each client’s unique situation and needs when creating a proposal tailored to their request. 

Regardless of the solution selected, we're there every step of the way. This allows clients to have complete control over their budget while, at the same time, having access to the experts they need to ensure their success at all stages.

We also handle communications with relevant government departments until final approval is obtained. Once submissions have been made, our team will follow up with each state licensing agency to ensure that approvals are granted.

Our goal is to make sure that universities feel confident when they’re eventually applying for accreditation and know that they have all the necessary tools and resources to be successful in their application. 

Take advantage of our expertise to make your university vision a success. Book a free consultation now.

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