Learning Management System (LMS) and School Information System (SIS) Deployment and Administration Services

Our professional services extend beyond mere consultancy to include comprehensive deployment and administrative services for Learning Management Systems (LMS) and School Information Systems (SIS)

LMS Deployment Services

1. System Installation and Setup

We employ the latest stable versions of a variety of LMS platforms on our robust cloud hosting platform. Our team takes care of all the technical aspects, including server configuration, software installation, and LMS customization according to your specific needs.

2. Database Setup and Data Repositories

Our team establishes a secure and efficient database for your LMS to ensure rapid access to educational resources and data. We also create data repositories that comply with stringent data security protocols.

3. Theme Application

We apply the theme of your choice, ensuring it integrates seamlessly with your system, functions correctly across various devices, and promotes a user-friendly experience.

4. Administration Accounts Creation

We set up the necessary administration accounts with varying access levels according to their respective roles, facilitating efficient system management and security.

5. Categories and Courses Creation

We establish up to 5 categories and a course tree consisting of up to 10 courses. This arrangement is designed to promote easy navigation for users and efficient management for administrators.

6. Integration of Online Meeting Platform

We facilitate online learning by integrating your chosen online meeting platform. This provides teachers and students with a streamlined environment for classes, meetings, and discussions.

7. Administration Team Training

We conduct a comprehensive online training session for your administration team. The training covers system navigation, management functions, basic troubleshooting, and industry best practices.

8. Online Support for One Month

After system deployment, we provide online support and email assistance for one month. This includes immediate responses to queries, resolving technical issues, and providing guidance for effective system usage.

LMS and SIS Administration Services

Our team handles the comprehensive administration of your LMS and SIS. This covers system updates and maintenance, user account management, system configuration modifications, and continuous system performance monitoring.

We take care of new user account creation, ensuring secure access for all users and the protection of user data. Additionally, we provide comprehensive training programs for students and teachers on navigating the systems, using various tools and features, and troubleshooting common issues.

Our support team is always on standby to provide real-time troubleshooting and technical support, ensuring minimal disruption to the learning process. We also offer guidance on meeting the standards of your accreditor, from maintaining records and providing accessible learning resources to tracking student progress.

Trust our expertise for seamless deployment and administration of your LMS and SIS. Reach out to us today and ensure a robust, efficient, and secure learning management for your institution.

Take advantage of our expertise to make your university vision a success. Book a free consultation now.

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