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We provide turnkey solutions to help you open your university in the U.S.

Opening a private university or college from scratch is a challenging experience. Our team of education experts are here to help.

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Some Of Our Proud Clients

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Years of expertise

Our collective experience in the field of higher education


Revenue generated

We helped our clients generate over $20 million in revenue


Successful projects

We’ve helped open over 55 academic institutions, and counting!

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Watch Dr. Sandra Norderhaug talk about Expert Education Consultants and how we can help you achieve your goal of opening a university or college in the U.S.A

Who We Are

Starting your own university and building the foundational processes and policies to be a successful educational university is a challenging and difficult process comprising of multiple hurdles and complex legal regulations and compliance requirements.

That is where Expert Education Consultants come in.

Expert Education Consultants is an elite education consultancy service who assist entrepreneurs and organizations navigate these hurdles and regulatory requirements to help you fulfill your goals of building a professional, licensed and accredited university, college or vocational institution from the ground up.

Expert Education Consultants is a family-operated business led by Dr. Sandra Norderhaug, CEO and founder and Richard Norderhaug, COO and CTO.

Dr.Sandra Norderhaug holds a PhD, Doctor of Medicine and MBA degrees with 30 years in leadership and experience in starting, building and managing post-secondary universities in both the USA and Europe.

Richard Norderhaug has over 30 years of experience developing computer and network solutions and leading teams and projects in multiple  Fortune 500 companies across the United States including HP, SAP, and PG&E.

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How We’re Different

Expert Education Consultants rises to the challenge and stands above the competition by offering a full range of consultancy and educational support services from the following:

  • Identifying the best state for your post-secondary university and business entity.
  • Navigating the chosen state’s complex legal and compliance licensing requirements
  • Developing the university’s business plan, operating policies and procedures and course catalog.
  • Interviewing and hiring your administrative staff and faculty.
  • Deploying the learning management system.
  • Navigating the regional accreditation’s regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • etc.

Our staff of state license and accreditation consultants, recruiters, accountants and project managers are skilled and experienced to assist you in building a successful university.

EEC Wins The 2023 Best of Jacksonville Award

Each year, the Jacksonville Award Program celebrates local companies for their remarkable achievements in their communities and industries. This award highlights the positive impact of small businesses like ours on our city, showcasing our dedication to serving our clients and community.

Our success in winning the 2023 Jacksonville Award is clear proof of our commitment to excellence.

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What We Do

We are a one-stop service offering everything you need to create your business entity, navigate the licensing and accreditation processes and start your university on the right path to success

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business Formation

We assist in developing and filing business name and business entity documentation with Secretary of State’s office of the chosen state the university will be operating in.

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LICENSURE & authorization

We will assist you through the state’s authorization and licensing process for your university from start to finish. Learn more about our state authorization process here

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A variety of fully customizable services to help your university navigate the accreditation process.

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The icon represents the idea of recruiting or hiring people for a job or position, and suggests inclusivity or diversity in the hiring process.

We assist you in finding top-notch talent and help you streamline your hiring process.

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Academic Services

We hire and manage college deans and faculty on your behalf to achieve student learning outcomes.

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Operational Services

We assist with developing grant proposals, create necessary academic policies, handbooks, curriculums, program learning outcome maps, and other important materials.

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E-Learning Services

We assist you in setting up your learning management system, school management system, and e-learning for online, hybrid, and on-campus programs.

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Compliance Services

We help you with federal and state filing requirements, licensing, recertification, permit, internal compliance, and a range of other services.

"We’ve been working in education for the past two decades in Latin America, but were completely new to the Educational System in the US. Expert Education Consultants were more than just a consultant agency, they quickly became our most valuable partners in this journey. They helped us and guided us not only to get the authorizations we needed, but building our management team with excellent professionals that are now an indispensable part of our organization."

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Juan Salinas
Chief Executive Officer, Jala University

"I am thrilled to share the news of Lincoln University Malaysia's expansion into several countries, including Australia. Our institution has been working towards expanding into North America for almost a decade and I am so grateful for the efforts of Dr Sandra Norderhaug, the founder and CEO of Expert Education Consultants, in making this long-standing dream a reality. She has been instrumental in facilitating this vision in a cost-effective manner within a short period of time. Thank you, Dr Sandra Norderhaug, for being an effective strategist in helping us establish a degree-granting institution in the USA."

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Prof Dr Amiya Bhaumik
Founder President , Lincoln University

"Dr. Sandra Norderhaug and her team at Expert Education Consultants exceeded all expectations with their exceptional work during our application process. They ensured everything was completed on time. We are extremely grateful to EEC for their outstanding efforts and cannot thank them enough. If you still haven't hired them for your higher-education needs, you should do it now!"

image of Dr. Ehab Shaby. An image of a man sitting behind a desk, with a microphone in front of him and speaking to an audience.
Dr. Ehab El Shamy
Vice Chancellor, AITU University

More Testimonials

I would like to take the time to say thank you to EEC for all your assistance and professionalism as we prepare to launch our first vocational school in the upcoming years. I know we are not finished yet but the time and care that we have received from your team has been tremendous. We were shown patience, experience, and knowledge to help us make the best decisions as we move forward with something that we have never done before. We look forward to continue working together with Expert Education Consultants on our future Vocational School!
Derek Arnold. This image shows man with a beard and a smiling expression.
Derek Arnold
Director of Workforce Programs, Goodwill
The folks at Expert Education Consultants were instrumental in helping us go from a newly founded university to an accredited university in less than two years. They assisted us with every step of the process providing timely advice on staffing, licensing, types of accreditors including both national and international, as well as outlining a strategy to help us achieve our goals.
On this image Joe Miller.  Woman with a nice haircut and a smiling expression.
Joy Miller
President Emeritus & Founder, Kenner University

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