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Open Your University:
Video FAQ

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Explore our Video FAQ series

Watch the introductory video in the Video FAQ Series with EEC's CEO & founder Dr Sandra Norderhaug.

How do I open a university? Three first steps.

Watch Dr Norderhaug provide a guide to opening a university, discussing the necessary 3 steps to take in order to achieve this goal.
Open a University
State Authorization

What’s the difference between licensing and accreditation?

Learn the two crucial elements of opening a university: licensing and accreditation, as well as their main differences.
University License

Should my university be a for-profit or nonprofit?

Choosing between for-profit and nonprofit universities is a difficult decision. In this video, Dr Norderhaug discusses the pros and cons of each option.
Higher Education
Cost saving
Foreign Investor

How much does it cost to open a college or university?

Learn about the essential expenses you need to consider when opening a college or university, from campus and faculty to equipment and resources.
Cost saving
Open a University

Where in the United States should I open a university? Which State?

Learn about the unique benefits of Florida, California and Texas states, such as tax rates, application processes, and rising demand for certain programs.
Foreign Investor
Location Selection

What are the types of university accreditation? Which should I choose?

Learn about regional, national and programmatic types of university accreditation.
University License

How long does it take to open an accredited university in the USA?

Watch Sandra discuss the three main steps to opening an accredited US university.
Open a University

What’s the most affordable and easiest way to open your university?

Opening a university on a budget? Watch Dr Norderhaug discuss two fast and affordable options: starting with a vocational school or seeking a state exemption.
Cost saving
Higher Education

Do I need to hire faculty before I open my university?

Tips on hiring faculty for a new university, including qualifications, numbers, and involving faculty in the accreditation process.
Foreign Investor

How do I open a vocational school?

Watch Dr Norderhaug talk about the steps to opening a vocational school: from deciding on programs, hiring experts, creating a business plan, and preparing a course catalog.
Vocational School

How do I open an allied health or nursing school?

Watch Dr Norderhaug discuss opening an allied health or nursing school, including the two important steps and approval processes required.
Nursing School

How do I open a religious exempt school?

Watch Sandra discuss how to open a religious-exempt school in the US, including state requirements and the application process.
Religious exempt school

How do I keep my university license active? 4 key steps

Watch Sandra discuss how to keep your university license active in 4 key steps: federal and state requirements, permits and recertification, and internal requirements.
University License

Can a foreigner open a college or university in the USA?

Watch Sandra discuss opening a university in the US as a foreigner, including advantages, specific requirements, and potential hurdles to overcome.
Foreign Investor
Higher Education
Open a University

What To Know When Buying A Ready-To-Run University

Are you considering buying a ready-to-run university? Watch this video to learn what you should be looking out for when investing in one.

What’s A Ready-To-Run University?

Overview of non-accredited universities, explain what a ready-to-run university is and discuss the benefits it offers.

What is accreditation, and what are the different types of accreditation?

Accreditation is a formal review of post-secondary institutions and is focused on ensuring that the university or college delivers the quality of teaching that it has committed to.

What Is Exemption From State Supervision?

To become an accredited university, you first have to go through these three steps:

Vocational School in Texas

Are you looking to open a vocational school and wondering which is the best state?

Religious Exempt Universities

Are you looking to start a religious-exempt university in the United States but don’t know which state to choose?

Opening a university in the US as a foreigner

Are you a non-US resident who wants to start an online university in the US?

The fastest and easiest way to setup a university in the USA

Are you looking for the fastest and easiest way to start an online university in the US?

California the Golden state for opening a university

From Hollywood dreams to Silicon Valley start-ups, California is one of the most beautiful places to live, an attractive location for international students and the golden state for opening an online university, a new college or a vocational school in the United States.

How to open a university with the lowest costs

If you are a single cofounder or a small group of founders, you are always conscious of the startup costs and how to lower them without affecting the quality of your offering.

How to open university in the USA

When you decide to open a university, there are a lot of decisions and steps that you have to take. You have to decide on:

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