How To Open A Private Californian University

July 22, 2019
How To Open A Private Californian University
We provide the licensing and accreditation needed to establish a new university and offer comprehensive guidance throughout the process.

This involves helping our clients understand all the legal and financial requirements around university establishment, as well as providing marketing and branding advice to ensure their university or college stands out from other educational institutions.

Our competitors can only offer a limited service, either licensing or accreditation, as most don't have the skills or team required to provide a turnkey service. This is why EEC stands out from the crowd – we can offer our clients everything they need to get their university off the ground easily and efficiently.
We aim to provide a complete service that will give our clients every chance of success when setting up their university. With EEC, you get a complete package of expertise and support for your university startup project.

 At EEC we're looking at building a long-term relationship with our clients, where launching a university is only the first step.

 We are confident that no other company can match our team of experts and their specialized knowledge.

You have a passion for education and have decided to start your own private university in the hub of the world's education center, sunny California. This is a challenging and overwhelming task with too many fine details to be considered all at once. First, you need to decide on the programs to offer, the structure of the program, faculty, mode of delivery, facilities, budget, state approval, accreditation, business plan. So where should you start?

Starting Off

My advice is to always start at the basics; what are your mission and goals? What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to be? What is the scale of your university? Who will be your target audience - local students or international students? Undergraduates or graduates? full time or part time? Your answer to these very basic questions will decide your location, budget, strategy, faculty, and staff requirements. If most of your students are going to live overseas then it makes sense to have an online university with a hybrid option for local students.

It would also make sense to start with a small-scale facility and admin staff since most of the teaching and administration will be done online anyway. It would make sense to hire international faculty and not only local faculty. It would also be crucial to have a distance learning policy that includes all the details related to your Learning Management System, your Online Lecturing platform, your cloud servers, internet security measures, technical training for both faculty and students, and IT support for every member in your team. It would also make sense to subscribe to one of the Online Library service providers rather than have a physical library on campus.

Next Steps

Your next step would be to check the state license regulations for private postsecondary education providers in the state where you want to set up your university. In this blog, I will focus on the regulations of the State of California for obtaining a license to operate a postsecondary education organization. The regulating body in the State of California is the "Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education" or, as it is known to everyone who works in higher education in California, the BPPE.

I will also explain the accreditation process by the regional accreditor of the western states WSCUC (or WASC as it was previously known).

Explore This Blog

In this blog, I will walk you through getting your state license and WSCUC accreditation in the shortest time possible by learning from other people's mistakes. I will answer all of your tough questions about what is the minimum level of investment and resources that you must demonstrate to get approved and accredited.

I will also explain the different steps of the process and how to prepare for each of these steps.


If you are considering to open a university in California, my team and I can help. Get in touch with me now.

Should you find yourself with questions or in need of personalized assistance, I encourage you to reach out. For personalized guidance, feel free to reach out to Expert Education Consultants via email at with any questions you may have. This service is complimentary.

To explore customized solutions tailored to your specific needs, schedule a personalized one-on-one paid consultation with Dr. Sandra Norderhaug here.

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