2024 Predictions: What are the best states to open a University?

October 2, 2023
2024 Predictions: What are the best states to open a University?
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I wrote blog posts and recorded videos in 2021 and 2022 about the best states to start a post secondary educational institute. But because state regulations and circumstances in education change often from in the US, I think it's important to keep coming back to this topic and re-evaluating it. So, as we move into the year 2024, I wanted to share with you my most updated recommendations so that you can make informed decisions regarding the location of your institution. In this blog post, we'll talk about the best two states in the US to start a private post-secondary educational institution, whether it is a vocational school, a college, a full-fledged university, or even a specialized nursing school.

1. Arizona: A Dream Destination for University Startups

Why Arizona? Let's Break It Down:

Pocket-Friendly Beginnings

So, you're dreaming of setting up a university? Arizona's got your back! Their application fees are just $2,000. Yep, you read that right. When you compare this to the whopping $5,000 to $10,000 you'd be shelling out in many other states, Arizona is like a breath of fresh financial air. And guess what? You don't have to wait forever. On average, you can get the green light in just 6 -12 months. That's lightning fast when you think about the long waits in other states.

Easy on the Wallet Office Spaces

If you're thinking of Phoenix, Arizona for your campus, here's some good news: The cost is around $27.47 for each square foot of office space. Now, let's put that in perspective. Places like Austin and LA will set you back around $42 and $41.04 for the same space. And if you glance at big cities like San Francisco and NYC, the costs climb even higher, reaching $73.59 and $80. But don't worry, if you're eyeing those fancy class A or B spots in Phoenix, the prices are still pretty darn good.

A Helpful Hand from the Arizona Board

Ready for some more good vibes? The Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education isn't just a formal name on paper. These folks are super approachable and always eager to help. While some states might give you the cold shoulder or keep you waiting forever, this Board is on the ball. They genuinely want to see more colleges and universities sprouting up in Arizona. And trust us, you'll feel that warm, welcoming vibe every step of the way.

2. Florida: The Sunshine State of Opportunity

Why Florida? Let's Dive Right In!

Shining Bright in Education

Ever asked, "How can I open a university in a place where education is truly valued?" Well, pack your bags and head to Florida! Recognized as the top-performing state in education for 2023, this is where dreams meet reality. And if you’re worried about how much it costs to open a college or university, Florida makes things a lot easier. With unbeatable in-state tuition fees, it's clear that Florida’s universities put students first. They offer world-class education without burning a hole in the pocket. So, if excellence in education is your motto, Florida's got the stage set just for you.

Setting Up Shop Made Simple

Starting anything can be daunting. The whole "how can I open a university" question might seem complex, but Florida rolls out the welcome mat with a bunch of perks. There are the low state filing fees for a start. Then come the corporate tax rates that'll have you smiling all the way to the bank. Yes, office lease prices might be a tad more than our buddy, Arizona. But hey, they still give a run for their money when pitted against many other states.

Navigating the Rules with Ease

"Accreditation consultant" might not be a term you hear every day, but if you're diving into the university scene, they can be your guiding star. Especially in a state like Florida where regulations strike the right balance. While they don’t keep you on a tight leash with super strict accreditation or licensing for private schools, they do ask for some basics. Schools need to register and file those essential annual reports. This might sound like a bit of work, but trust us, it’s a walk in the park compared to places like California and New York. And who's got your back here? The Commission for Independent Education. They’re the good folks ensuring private higher education isn't just about the numbers, but about quality and genuine compliance.

The Efficiency of Florida's Process

Ever heard the saying, "Time is money"? In the university world, this couldn't be truer. Florida stands out due to its streamlined review process. While certain states might bog you down with extended wait times, Florida offers a more efficient pathway. For those researching the costs and logistics of opening a college or university, Florida frequently emerges as a preferred option.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking to sprinkle some sunshine on your university dreams, Florida might just be the golden ticket. With its blend of educational excellence, business-friendly perks, and a regulation system that’s firm yet fair, the Sunshine State truly lives up to its name. And if you ever need that nudge or guidance, remember, an accreditation consultant is just a call away to light up your path in this exciting journey!

Closing Thoughts

The decision to build your university is monumental, and the state you choose can influence your institution's trajectory. Both Arizona and Florida offer unique advantages.Arizona offers cost-effective start-up options and a supportive state board, making it attractive for a smooth beginning. In contrast, Florida stands out with its reputation in education and efficient setup processes. While costs might be higher in Florida, its emphasis on educational excellence is noteworthy. Before deciding, align your goals with each state's offerings and consider consulting an accreditation expert. Whether you choose Arizona or Florida, your decision will shape the educational futures of many.

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