Importance of a Strong Digital Presence for Modern Universities

October 16, 2023
Importance of a Strong Digital Presence for Modern Universities
We provide the licensing and accreditation needed to establish a new university and offer comprehensive guidance throughout the process.

This involves helping our clients understand all the legal and financial requirements around university establishment, as well as providing marketing and branding advice to ensure their university or college stands out from other educational institutions.

Our competitors can only offer a limited service, either licensing or accreditation, as most don't have the skills or team required to provide a turnkey service. This is why EEC stands out from the crowd – we can offer our clients everything they need to get their university off the ground easily and efficiently.
We aim to provide a complete service that will give our clients every chance of success when setting up their university. With EEC, you get a complete package of expertise and support for your university startup project.

 At EEC we're looking at building a long-term relationship with our clients, where launching a university is only the first step.

 We are confident that no other company can match our team of experts and their specialized knowledge.

In this post-pandemic period, we must all acknowledge that education as we once knew it will never be the same again. Before COVID, many people all over the world were skeptical about the efficacy of online education. However, today there is no longer any room for such uncertainty. Because of this, when clients ask me, "How do I open a university?" or "How much does it cost to open a university?" I explain to them that there are a few steps involved. I usually urge them to "start small with minimal costs and grow bit by bit". All of my customers have expressed their gratitude to me for developing such an effective approach for them.

What this implies for you is that if you begin by enrolling in an online institution that provides a limited number of programs, and then add more programs to it in the future, in addition to adding an on campus mode of delivery, you will be more likely to be successful in your attempt, and it will be more economical for you to do so. 

And because we are now well into the digital age, a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs are wondering, "What's the secret sauce when opening a college or university?" There is one component that is no longer optional for modern universities and colleges: a strong digital presence

Let's dive in and explore why this is so important!

Why Digital?

Consider the digital world to be a vibrant city center. Just as any institution would want to have a physical presence in a city where students can easily reach it, that university must also have a presence in the 'digital city.' With the majority of young adults and professionals active online, failing to have a significant digital imprint would be similar to establishing a cutting-edge campus in the middle of a desolate desert.

First Impressions Count

The first time a prospective student interacts with a university, it is typically not through a visit to the campus or a brochure, but rather through the university's website or social media presence. The same holds true for parents or guardians who participate in the process of decision-making alongside their children. In this context, a university's digital presence acts as the institution's digital 'front gate.' A website that is well-designed and user-friendly may make a significant first impression, portraying a picture of an institution that is contemporary, approachable, and responsive to the requirements of its students.

The Benefits of Being Online

Reach & Accessibility

A dynamic online presence means that anyone, from any part of the world, can access information about the university 24/7. This is especially important for international students or those who might not have the means to visit the campus in person.

Engagement & Interactivity

Universities now have the ability to organize a variety of events, including virtual tours, Q&A sessions, webinars, and more, using online platforms. Imagine a potential student from another nation being able to get a taste of what it is like to be a student at your institution without having to travel hundreds of miles.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Compared to traditional advertising (billboards, TV ads, etc.), digital marketing offers cost-effective solutions. Plus, with tools like analytics, institutions can understand what's working and what's not in real-time.

Crafting the Digital Strategy

But having a digital presence isn’t just about creating a website and setting up social media profiles. It requires strategy.

Website as the Foundation

Think of the university's website as its digital home base. It should be responsive (mobile-friendly), easy to navigate, and loaded with all the essential information. A blog section can provide insights, student testimonials, or even advice from an accreditation consultant, guiding readers through the intricacies of opening a college.

Social Media for Engagement

Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook allow universities to showcase campus life, celebrate achievements, and engage directly with their student body. Think of it as the university's digital cafeteria, where students gather, chat, and share.


These might sound like complicated terms, but they're essentially about making sure the university's website appears when someone searches for relevant terms. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ensures a university's website ranks prominently in organic search results by optimizing content, keywords, and garnering quality backlink. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) focuses on enhancing visibility through paid advertising, using strategies like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and retargeting to ensure ads appear at the top of relevant search results. With the majority of students initiating their university search online, leveraging SEO and SEM effectively can dramatically boost a university's digital presence, making it a preferred choice for prospective students globally.

Online Admissions & E-Learning Platforms

Offering online admission processes, digital libraries, and e-learning platforms indicates that the university is future-ready. This isn't just about convenience; it's about expanding the horizons of learning.

Overcoming Potential Hurdles

It's essential to acknowledge that while establishing a digital presence offers myriad benefits, it can also pose challenges. The digital landscape is ever-evolving. What's trendy today might be obsolete tomorrow. Universities, especially when in their initial stages of opening a college, may find it challenging to allocate resources for digital endeavors.

This is where seeking advice can be beneficial. An accreditation consultant can offer insights not only into the academic aspects of opening a university but can also provide recommendations on establishing a strong digital footprint from day one.

Closing Thoughts

In essence, a strong digital presence for modern universities is no longer a mere 'add-on'; it's a necessity. As the lines between the physical and digital worlds blur, universities need to embrace the digital realm wholeheartedly. Not just because it's trendy, but because it ensures that they remain accessible, relevant, and engaging to a new generation of learners.

For those considering opening a university, while factors like location, faculty, and infrastructure remain vital, the digital aspect requires equal attention. After all, in an age where information is at our fingertips, universities must ensure that when fingers tap keyboards with queries about them, they're present, active, and ready to engage.

For personalized guidance, feel free to reach out to Expert Education Consultants via email at with any questions you may have. This service is complimentary.

To explore customized solutions tailored to your specific needs, schedule a personalized one-on-one paid consultation with Dr. Sandra Norderhaug here.  I’ve been helping clients establish universities in the US for over a decade, and I look forward to helping you, too.

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